Men Fashion: Perfect Look For Men This Monsoon!

Men Fashion: Perfect Look For Men This Monsoon!

An individual personality is judged initially by the dressing style and how well he carries himself. Well, the challenge begins when it starts raining, and you need to visit a client's place or first date.

Formal shirts for men have always been the first choice for such situations. Irrespective of your love for the monsoon season, you will never wish to enter the client's place or meet the date by being wet.

Check out the below options to buy men’s formal shirts online for a simple yet elegant look this monsoon.

1) Formal / Office Wear Shirts: The plain formal shirts for men have always boosted personality. A wardrobe of a gentleman will have a couple of plain formal shirts. Going for an interview or a meeting at a client's place, a plain white shirt with black trousers can boost your confidence and make a day.

Even wearing a plain but bright color shirt at the workplace can help to boost your mood and keep you fresh and active. But there are many more options available to buy formal shirts for men online.

2) Casual or Regular Wear Shirts: Confused about what to wear and hop out of the house when raining? Monsoon shirts for men are always the right choice to pair up with trousers or jeans. A contrasting color combination between the shirt and the jeans can make you look attractive.

It is also an ideal choice for a first romantic date to attract her eyeballs.

3) Printed Shirts: Men's printed shirts are available in numerous designs and patterns. The floral print is the most common and loved men's printed shirt available online to buy from a wide range of color combinations and fabrics.

Beachside party or DJ night, summer, rainy, or winter season, printed shirts have always been the first choice to pick from the wardrobe.

4) Checks or Stripes Shirts: The most popular and second choice after the plain shirts are checks or striped shirts. When paired correctly with trousers or jeans, it becomes a perfect outfit for any occasion. While buying formal shirts for men online, check the stitching and the fitting to avoid regret later.

5) Slim-fit Shirts: Are you a fitness freak and like to show your muscular body? Well, the monsoon shirts for men with slim fit are the right choice for you. Slim-fit shirts make their place in a men's wardrobe due to the wide range of color, pattern, and design options.

Khankudi is the best online clothing store for men to buy formal shirts online that delivers all over India. The fabric is well chosen to offer a genuine and premium quality product to enhance the personality. We stand by you and behind your every happy moment of life, thus, ensuring a strict quality check before dispatch to avoid dissatisfaction upon delivery. Also, we have 24*7 support for our potential and valuable customers. Over the comfort and ease of shopping, we are highly concerned about our customers' privacy and security while shopping with us.

Wearing Tips: Best Printed Shirts For A Perfect Funky Look For Men

Best Printed Shirts For A Perfect Funky Look For Men

A plain black or white shirt paired with denim jeans is a quick and easy outfit for men. But don't you feel that it is one of the most common and boring techniques these days?

Men's funky shirts are now available to buy online and offline. The formal shirts for men are now available in wide ranges and options which are suitable for daily wear, office wear, party wear, or casual wear.

Men's printed shirts are the most popular option when it comes to funky shirts for men. Let's see how the best pairing of these printed shirts for men for any occasion, and enhances your wardrobe collection.

1) Striped Shirts: The analysis relieves that striped shirts are preferred over funky shirts. The result of a study states that men look 12% more attractive in striped shirts over funky shirts. Check out the strips shirts collection online, and you will be surprised to know the wide range of patterns, colors, and designs available to enjoy a cool look.

2) Quirky Prints Shirts: Quirky printed shirts for men is when a Bollywood actor's dressing style comes to mind. Buy the best-printed shirt that suits your personality online. Get in touch with the seller if you are confused or buying the Quirky printed shirts for the first time.

3) Minimal Print Shirts: Men who are bored with plain shirts and are not a fan of striped shirts prefer minimal printed shirts. These shirts have a perfect combination of color, design, and printed pattern size. Men prefer to wear these shirts for the office with trousers or with jeans or sneakers for regular or casual wear.

4) Other Printed Shirts: Buy printed shirts online in India is the best choice because you get to see the wide range of creativity and fashion from various states and cities. Floral printed casual shirts and print-on white shirts are the most ordered printed shirts category.

The color options, patterns, designs, style, and trends will make you look attractive and charming. It is one of the highly advised printed shirt categories to be available in the men's wardrobe.

If you are willing to try printed shirts and upgrade your wardrobe, then Khankudi is where your online shopping for men's printed shirts should start. They have 24*7 customer support, and the team is customer friendly. They will help you guide and choose the right product that suits your personality and requirement. The team of experienced and certified professionals is available to guide and land you to boost your personality by upgrading your outfits. Additionally, the orders undergo a two-step quality check before dispatch to minimize the chance of exchange and the most important parameter, i.e. customer experience while shopping with Khankudi.


Do not wait further, start upgrading your wardrobe and enjoy the funky look with a wide range of printed shirts for men in India From khankudi.

Quick Guide: How To Choose Formal Shirts For Men

Quick Guide: How To Choose Formal Shirts For Men

When it comes to men's fashion, there is always a myth that the options are too few. Until the fact says there are numerous formal shirts for men to opt from. 

As there are numerous options to buy formal shirts online, below are some helpful tips to make a perfect choice from different fits, colors, patterns, and styles.

The pitch that one size will fit all is very rare. Additionally, there are multiple parameters to be considered to purchase a perfect match.

Buy Men’s formal shirts online in India can be quick and easy if you know the below points to shortlist the best-fitting shirt.

1) Shirt Fitting: The ultimate aim is to feel comfortable in the trending formal shirts of men.

a) A finger should comfortably roam around the collar. A loose or tight can lead to discomfort and degrade the overall presentation

b) The shirt should not be too big or too small. Case of loose or tight-fitting can lead to discomfort and feeling exposed

c) The length of the shirt should be proper

Overall, a balance is required when choosing a shirt right for you to consider shape, style, and size.

Before hitting the Buy Now button, in addition to the question, just ask yourself to maintain a professional look and comfort.

2) Shirt Fit Type

a) Classic Fit Shirts: The type of shirts will never go off-fashion. Men who love formal wear will have a pair of classic-fit shirts in their wardrobe.

The classic fit shirts are slightly loose from the chest, arms, and around the body. The independence to move the body freely is the reason for being the first choice.

b) Modern Fit Shirts: The type of shirts are placed in between the classic and slim fit shirts. It offers a free and tight look together.

These shirts can be paired with trousers, or denim to have a perfect professional or casual look.  

c) Slim Fit Shirts: Slim fit shirts are in more demand these days as they provide a better look over classic or modern shirts. The shirt consumes less fabric and makes you look handsome.

3) Shirt Patterns and Colors:

a) White Shirt: A solid white shirt has a separate fan base. Being all-time loved, it is always a part of gentlemen's wardrobe.

A white shirt has been paired with black trousers for a long and is still the first choice. It makes the appearance traditional and formal.

b) Solid Plain Shirt: Pastel shade solid shirts are also considered formal and traditional along with a solid white. A few well-known pastels shared are pink, blue, grey, and lavender.

Black and navy blue are also smart choices for a semi-formal or informal look.

c) Striped and Checked Shirt: There are numerous variations and options to choose from when it comes to striped and checked shirts. Striped and checked shirts can be paired with trousers to have business look or jeans for an informal look.

If you are clear with your requirement, then buy formal shirts online as it provides various benefits:

1) Wide range of styles, patterns, and designs

2) Choose to select the right color from a wide range

3) Understanding the ongoing formal shirt men's fashion statement

4) Available in multiple sizes and buying options

If you are new or planning to buy a couple of formal pairs to start your professional journey, don't hesitate to get in touch for a recommendation. We have a team of professional and experienced designers to help you hit the first impression.

Buy Men’s formal shirts online from us without any hustle. All our orders undergo strict dual quality checks before getting packed and shipped to the buyer. Kindly reach out to us in case of any guidance.

How to Wear Co-Ord For Men? | High Tips to tug Off the Matching Co-Ord Sets Men

How to Wear Co-Ord For Men? | High Tips to tug Off the Matching

D:\preksha\photos\CO-ORDS_KHANKUDI\CO-ORDS_BKT0012.jpg     D:\preksha\photos\CO-ORDS_KHANKUDI\CO-ORDS_BKT0020.jpg

You’ve all told chance seen mates, families and fashionistas carrying men’s co-ords incalculable times whereas not knowing what those matching sets unit called. In easy terms, a co-ord may be a group of clothes, generally consisting of two things, fabricated from the identical material.

Men’s co-ords square measure any combination: jersey and joggers, hoodie and shorts, cardigan and joggers, jacket and trousers, and so on, farewell as they match. Co-ords square measure wise, casual, sporty, relaxed, and outrageous or one thing in between.

The fact is, co-ords produce life merely that little bit easier. You don’t get to fret concerning what goes on and what clashes and your entire outfit is nice to travel at a second’s notice. Less wardrobe space is required and you look nice from every angle. That’s all told by chance why the gents in Love Island loved them so much last summer.

When to Wear Men’s Co-Ord Sets?

Whether it’s a date with someone you'd wish to impress, some drinks with the lads, or a family get-together throughout a relative’s back garden, there’s a men’s twin set for you. Take a look at these ideas for the men’s co-ords you would like in your life.



Playing sport


Beach party


Smart casual

Smarter occasions

How to Wear Men’s Co-Ord Sets?

OK, let’s get all the methods all the way down to it. Here unit our high five tips for propulsion of a 2-piece matching set and clutches the trend that is co-ords.



Choose sets in neutrals or pastels for formal occasions.

Opt for daring prints if the setting issues an extra relaxed codification.

If you are carrying a written co-ord, opt for solid-coloured sneakers to balance it out.

If you’re carrying a bunch of shorts and a shirt, break it down with a white tee or vest for a fragile impact.

Make sure to spherical off your co-ord outfit with cool accessories.

1. select sets in toned-down neutrals or pastels for formal occasions.

If you'd wish to wear your men’s twin set to an extra formal occasion, choose a color that won’t cause you to face the type of a sore thumb. That way, you’re merely carrying shorts and a shirt, and if you choose an improved selection, you will be able to depart with it.

2. Opt for daring prints if the setting issues an extra relaxed codification.

The great news concerning men’s matching sets is {that you|that you merely|that you just} simply square measure as ostentatious as you would like. If you are feeling like it’s your time to create an associate degree announcement, then choose it with bright colors and prints that can’t fail to create a bearing.

3. If you are carrying a written co-ord, opt for solid-coloured sneakers to balance it out.

This is a solid gold fashion recommendation. Balance out a busy aesthetic with the right footwear and there's very little question that your men’s co-ord is the trend for this season.


4. If you’re carrying a bunch of shorts and a shirt, break it down with a white tee or vest for a fragile impact.

While unbuttoned shirts are nice for the right occasion, generally you would like to tone it down a little. Wear a white tee or vest at a lower place on your open shirt and you may be able to still blow their horns on your carton whereas not showing an associate degree excessive quantity of flesh.

5. Guarantee to spherical off your co-ord outfit with cool accessories.

A cross-body bag goes regarding any twin set. A bucket hat or a hankie and a stripe of shades are wonderful to wear with men’s shirts and shorts sets. Add your various chunky jewelry, a dog tag, a sequence or a pendant and your look is complete.

What to Wear with Men’s Co-Ord Sets?

With men’s co-ords, you will never again stand litigator of carrying colors or patterns that don’t go on. However, what should you wear at the side of your favorite shirt and shorts matching set? Check au fait our suggestions below.

A white tee or vest

Solid-coloured trainers


A bucket hat

A bandana


Chunky jewelry

5 Best Tips To Buy Night Wear Suit for Women Online

5 Best Tips To Buy Night Wear Suit for Women Online

D:\preksha\photos\night dress banner\1 (1).jpg

After finishing the chores of the day, we tend to most frequently simply place confidence in caressing in bed the primary factor we tend to reach home. We regularly take the laziness to require a toll on North American countries and don’t place confidence in what to wear before touching the bed, that isn’t a good factor. Night Suits are even as necessary as what you wear throughout the workplace, night outs, or throughout those date nights. After all, what’s higher than obtaining a decent night’s sleep? That aforesaid, it’s time you offer your nightwear even as abundant attention as you offer those different clothes Therefore buy night suits online according to your comfort.

If you’re simply moving into the globe of night suits and don't seem to be positive regarding however and wherever to urge started, we've noncommissioned a number of tips that may assist you to decide the correct night wear for women. Here, let’s take a glance at a number of the key areas that you just ought to definitely concentrate on.

1. Verify the fabric:

D:\preksha\photos\night dress banner\1 (15).jpg

Their area unit varied materials once it involved crafting night suits for womens. It’s up to you to choose what material looks more leisurely to you. For example, if you wish for that buttery sleek feel, material nightshirts ought to be your go-to decision. However, if you favour comfort and breathability additional, cotton enriched night suits are the proper decision for you.

2. Think About The Climate:

D:\preksha\photos\NightDress\WONIGHT_SHORTS_004\1.jpg  D:\preksha\photos\NightDress\WONIGHT_PANT_001\WONIGHT_PANT_001.jpg

Another important purpose is to appear at the atmospheric condition to form a practical selection. If hot, wet days are unit round the corner, keep on with short nighties or super with shorts. After all, the additional ethereal your night suits area unit the higher can they feel on your skin. just in case of winters, you ought to either decide on long nighties or pyjamas with hoodies to be cozy and comfy throughout the temperature reduction nights.

3. Decide In Keeping With Your Style:

While comfort is definitely a priority, vogue shouldn’t take a backseat either. select night suits for womens with prints and patterns that get in conjunction with your temperament. However, make certain you decide on one thing bottom as carrying loud wear is by no means a decent plan. except for avoiding an excessive amount of print, you ought to conjointly keep on with lighter shades. The lighter the shade of your night suit is, the calmer and relaxed you'll feel.

4. Select The Correct Silhouette:

When it involves night suits, fitting clothes are a giant no-no. You ought to forever prefer saggy night suits that enable you to set free and don’t bind you in any manner. They shouldn’t keep on with your body and irritate you, therefore make sure that the silhouette of your sleep tees and pyjamas falls straight. This way, you wouldn’t have to be compelled to twist or circle throughout your sleep. To increase the comfort level, you'll conjointly choose a see for size up isn't a foul plan in sleepwear.

5. Refrain from an excessive amount of detail:

Nightshirts ought to be the foremost restful outfit of your day, therefore avoid outfits that embody tons of details. They ought to have bottom or no details in the least in order that you don’t get disturbed throughout sleep. Refrain from supernumerary details, like huge buttons or lace material unless you intend to woo your man, and select one thing that blends with the material simply, like little press buttons, or slip-one.

We hope that the information mentioned on top of it will assist you to realize that excellent wear that's each high on vogue moreover as comfort. So, wait no additional and look today!